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Whether buildings are grand or vernacular, listed or unlisted, UAHS seeks to support the laws and policies that exist to protect them and their settings, and to encourage measures that will reduce future loss of our irreplaceable historic buildings. Through encouraging appropriate and sympathetic planning decisions, and re-use through heritage led regeneration.

How to help to protect built heritage:


The UAHS monitors planning applications relating to the historic built environment, and regularly makes written representations to local council Planning Officers to encourage the conservation and preservation of our historic environment. You can easily do this too.

Write to your local council to highlight concerns over applications affecting the historic buildings you care about. Together we can strengthen the case for the protection of a historic building or area.

We advise that you use your own words, as formulaic letters carry less weight. Remember to be concise and always polite. Make sure to cc your letter to UAHS, so as to highlight your concerns directly to us. Have a look at this template letter of objection which sets out what sources you need to refer to when responding to applications which involve the demolition of listed buildings and unlisted buildings of merit in conservation areas.

Full details of the planning system and the stages of the planning process can be found on the Planning NI website . If you require assistance with preparing representations please contact the UAHS Planning Officer: [email protected]



The UAHS needs your help to highlight situations where our historic environment is threatened by unauthorised alteration and/or demolition that has not been approved by the statutory process of planning.

If you are concerned about works being carried out on an historic building, please check whether there are approvals for the works on the planning portal, by searching the relevant address. If you believe that works are being carried out without approvals, please contact your local planning office enforcement team, to highlight it. Call or cc UAHS to correspondence to make us aware of your concern.

Full details of the planning system and the stages of the planning process can be found on the Planning NI website. If you require assistance with reporting, please contact the UAHS Planning Officer: [email protected]


Heritage Led Regeneration:

Protection through planning is most positively supported by the heritage led regeneration of our historic built environment. You too can be part of this.

Do you know of a building or area that you would like to see conserved? Is there potential for you to be part of its heritage led regeneration privately or as part of a community led initiative?

We can help you develop your conservation project. The Built Heritage at Risk Register is a comprehensive list of buildings that are most at risk in Northern Ireland, and you might want to focus your efforts on protecting one of these. If you require advice and assistance with a conservation project, including how to set up a community preservation trust, or advice on funding, please contact the UAHS Built Heritage at Risk Officer: [email protected]



Lobbying Political Representatives:

You can support the case for built heritage by lobbying public representatives at local and central government level. Find any of your political representatives at Simply tap in your post code to find a comprehensive list of contact details for your MEP, MP, MLA and Councillors. Do not abuse the system by pretending to be from another postcode area!


Support the conservation, restoration and re-use of Ulster's built heritage.

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