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Stallholder Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. In these conditions:

‘the UAH’ means Ulster Architectural Heritage.

‘the Markets Officer’ means the Markets Development Officer appointed by the

council, and includes his duly authorised representatives.

‘the Market’ means St George’s Market, Belfast.

‘the event’ means Bake a Building on the 29th October 2018

  1. The Trader warrants that the particulars given in his/her application pursuant to

which this stall is given are correct in all respects.

  1. The Trader shall:

(a) use the stallage space only for the sale of permitted goods;

(b) comply at all times with the bye-laws in force with respect to the Market and

all legislation in force relevant to the sale of his goods or produce;

(c) not cause any nuisance or annoyance, or use abusive language, to any other

person at the Market;

(d) remove all his goods from the Market within one hour of the close of the


(e) forthwith comply with any proper instruction given by the UAH and/or Markets Officer in connection with the enforcement of the conditions of this stall.

  1. The Trader shall maintain a public liability insurance policy in an amount not less

than £5M in respect of any one accident in regard to his business at the Market,

and shall produce at the request of the UAH and/or Markets Officer the said policy and evidence

that it is in force.

  1. This stall is personal to the Trader and is not capable of transfer to any other


  1. The Trader shall ensure all electrical and gas appliances used during trading at St George’s Market have been fully checked and passed (1) Electrical PAT tested,

carried out by qualified electrician/s and certificate supplied, (2) Gas appliance/s

checked and passed by qualified CORGI engineer/s and certificate supplied. These

tests are to be carried annually and by date of renewal. Evidence of both certificates

is/are required and to be produced to UAH and Markets staff upon request.

  1. All food traders are required to have adequate hand washing facilities, to include

hot and cold running water, soap and individual means of hand drying. Any High

Risk food traders will be required to have their own facilities and those determined

as lower risk can share with one other adjacent trader. To determine which category

you may fit into please speak to your Environmental Health – Food Safety. It is the

responsibility of each trader to have their own wash hand facilities.

No one will be allowed to trade at the event unless they have the required

hand-washing facilities. Any trader wishing to trade will be required to produce evidence of

having the required washing facilities before they will be permitted to trade.

Absence of suitable facilities will result in the trader being

required to cease trading.


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