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The Diaries of Lord Limerick’s Grand Tour, 1716 to 1723 (Soft Back)


By the Earl of Roden, 2003. Soft Back, 65pp.

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Lord Limerick’s Diaries, dating back to the early 18th Century, leave a first hand account of France, Spain, Portugal and the Low Countries in the throes of recovery after years of warfare. This was not only the beginning of the golden era of the Grand Tour, but it coincided with the Age of Enlightenment that heralded important advances in philosophy, science and the arts.

The diaries give us an insight into Lord Limerick as a young man. His experiences on the continent influenced his outlook on many subjects including his architectural and landscape designs, and the foundation of the family’s art collection. On his return to Ireland, he soon set about improving his properties and began the work on Tollymore Park in County Down as it is seen today.

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