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Bedside Book of Dormers and Other Delights, The (Hard Back)


A Guide to Traditional Architectural Details in Ulster

By Marcus Patton (2011)

210mm x 210mm, 348 pages with 1,500 Colour photographs

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Arranged by building element, this is a pictorial analysis of existing (and some lost) details that will provide a source of reference to building owners and architects trying to restore missing details on historic properties. From bargeboards to windows via the dormers of the title and much more, the many photographs included here give a flavour of the visual delights available to those with eyes to see as they travel through the towns and villages of Ulster.

The illustrations are accompanied by explanatory, perceptive and often witty comments, which set each detail in its architectural and geographical context.This unique and fascinating book is essential reading for owners, students, architects, planners and anyone who has an interest in, or an appreciation of, local architecture. In particular it draws attention to those details that contribute so much to our sense of place and architectural identity and which, when lost or inappropriately replaced, can destroy the integrity of a building.

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