Buildings of South County Down

Category 5: Best Heritage Research, Interpretation or Recording

Philip Smith: Buildings of South County Down

Philip Smith has undertaken extensive research in order to compile a record of significant historic buildings in South County Down. ‘Buildings of South County Down’ was published by Ulster Architectural Heritage in April 2019, and represents more than four years in the making. The book details the stories of the buildings through time, anecdotal snippets as well as their main architectural features; and is an exceptional educational resource for the public and professionals alike, presented in an entertaining and highly attractive way. Photographs were captured by Philip’s colleague Alan Turkington who provided fantastic images for the book.

Little information had been collated on the area of South County Down, and the publication is invaluable in promoting and recording the architectural heritage of this part of the world. The book covers antiquities, churches and chapels, grand houses, middling sized small houses and cottages, public and commercial buildings and follies and monuments; whilst footnotes detailing primary and secondary sources allow scholars to find information to support further research.

Philip wrote the book in a voluntary capacity, donating his time, energy and any profits made through sales to the society.

The publication serves to allow people to learn more about their local history and architecture, but also prompts people to further take an interest and examine the world around them; with Philip planning to take a lecture giving people tips and guidance to encourage people to research their own architectural history. Philip’s work in interpreting and recording the buildings in South County Down will safeguard precious stories and details and prevent them from being lost in the future.

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