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Hands-On Heritage

Project Outline:

From traditional to technological, the project aims to transform the way UAH works to support people and communities to engage with the historic environment in NI. Over a 3 year period the project will provide a programme that combines the reinvigoration of traditional means heritage engagement and outreach, with the introduction of a new range of digital engagement models and technologies, to better connect people and communities with built heritage. This includes

  • A library of attractive, engaging and accessible ‘Heritage: How to?’ short guides;
  • An online portal to link short guides to associated in-depth, and updateable online toolkit;
  • Heritage Recording/Reporting App;
  • Roadshows and workshops to develop: volunteer/community led heritage recording and local lists;
  • Webpage where uploads to the recording and reporting app and project outputs are mapped;
  • Associated calendar competition and exhibition celebrating outputs of the project.

The first year of this project is the development phase whereby we will be consulting those in the sector to help steer the direction of themes for outputs, as well as gain valuable into the audiences that need most assistance. In the first year we will fully draft and develop the guides, the online toolkit and the app for use in years 2 and 3. It is this part that we require your help with at this time.

The second and third year of this project will see UAH carrying out public engagement activities, workshops, roadshows and working directly with a number of groups across Northern Ireland to develop their heritage projects.

At this stage we are asking for your input to help us develop themes for the Hands-on Heritage project and we would greatly appreciate if you could fill out the survey form below:

Hands-On Heritage Public Survey

  • Section 1: How to Guides?

    As part of the Hands-On Heritage project we will be developing up to a maximum of 8 'Heritage: How to?' printed short guides. These will be designed to stand the test of time and provide sign-posting to an online toolkit which can be updated. The guides are aimed at introducing different audiences to baseline themes of heritage that will be expanded upon in the online toolkit but will provide essential information the reader. Below we are asking you to contribute to which themes you think would be most beneficial to community groups, private owners or professionals. UAH has developed the below themes in response to the research we have been carrying out with potential audiences and through consultation with heritage bodies in the heritage sector.
  • 2. Recording and Recording App

    The Hands-On Heritage project acknowledges the desire, and necessity for the general public to help lead the voice for built heritage in Northern Ireland. The Heritage Recording and Reporting App will give people the opportunity to engage with, report on and map the heritage that is important to them. For UAH this will guide public participation in the protection of historic buildings, capture public interest and data to contribute to our knowledge base. Helping to heighten the heritage voice. The concept is that the app and associated 'In Your Area' mapped webpage will be a user and mobile friendly tool that allows members of the public to engage record and report on the built heritage in their area. Prior to the development of the App we are asking you to provide us with information on what you would expect such an App to provide:
  • Consent to contact you

    We will only contact you by email to ask for further feedback during the development of this project, and to highlight any associated events and activity that may be of interest to you. By agreeing to our privacy policy, you are agreeing for us to contact you. Read our privacy policy here:


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